Yiwu Fair and Travel Fair promote in Kunming

Yesterday, Yiwu city was held in Kunming, Yunnan Province, the 7th China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair, the 4th China International Tourism Commodities Fair promotion, invite the Kunming enterprises and businesses to entry into the Yiwu market, the exposition.

Kunming vice mayor Yang Bi Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Yao Hung, Yiwu Municipal Committee, the propaganda minister Ji Kim Bo, WANG Qing-chi, City People’s Congress Standing Committee, deputy director of the Municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman He Wenfei attended the seminar.

Kim Bo-quarter of Kunming as an important gateway of China’s southwest, is the bridgehead to Southeast Asia has a considerable advantage in the development of small commodity manufacturing and logistics industry with Yiwu economic and trade exchanges are frequent, the entrepreneurs and by merchants in Kunming and Yiwu has become an important force in the economic and social development of the two places. JI Kim Bo The seminar was held in Kunming, on the one hand, and learn from the valuable experience of Kunming, rapid and healthy development, the other is with Kunming unique geographical advantage and influence to further expand the Fair, International Tourism commodity Fair, an important exhibition in the Southwest and Southeast Asian countries.

Young Bi in his speech said that the 7th China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair, held the fourth China International Tourism Commodity Fair in Kunming promotion, will further promote exchanges and cooperation between Kunming and Yiwu, hope that the enterprises in Kunming home and business operators seize the opportunity to make full use of the Fair and Travel Fair held in Yiwu, the two major national exhibition platform, and write the two win-win and common development of a new chapter.

Provincial SME Bureau Choose 10 Yiwu enterprises to play the brand in the United States

In fact, Zhu Yanjun is a strong representation. Zhejiang is an exporting province, since the reform and opening up in 1978, the province’s average annual export growth rate in more than 30%, but can not be ignored is that export growth declined. Why this happens? Including Yiwu, Zhejiang small and medium enterprises, most of the OEM and own brand exports less than 10%, so the profit is low.” The Provincial SME Bureau Director Chen Haijiang thinks outward up to more than 65% of the Yiwu market, to continue to maintain the strong momentum of growth and fat profit margins, brand building is imminent.
Individual SMEs to expand their markets overseas is too costly, too difficult, it is best group attack, so this time we come to Yiwu, is to pick 10 business delegation to the United States to play the brand, and we have found a good ‘ground’, to help strangers in a strange U.S. market do research, product demonstrations, mail, call forwarding. “Chen Haijiang revealed that as early as 2010, the Zhejiang Provincial Government and the United States rich The Dayton Group, signed a framework to help SMEs to go overseas, specifically is in the the Flushing Queens Crossing mall, opened up the area as Zhejiang brand products (United States) promote base, but also provide services for Sino-US business services.

U.S. gift market is growing, Commodity another face to go out

This activity led by the Provincial SME Bureau is also known as “green card” program in Zhejiang Province. So, what kind of small and medium enterprises can participate in this program?
“We launched this program in order to expand exports, to help businesses control costs and risks, to expand their markets overseas, and enhance the team competitive, and ultimately to build Zhejiang collection brands, so that let “made in ‘Zhejia”’ stand out from the ‘Made in China’.” Chen highlight the brand value of “Zhejiang”, it is necessary to establish the typical, redraw the industry map, such as Shaoxing is the “tie city” show in front of the American, Yiwu is a “Gift city. ”
“The concept of gift is very broad, Yiwu, jewelry, crafts, towels, scarves and other, minor revision in the design and packaging, they can become a beautiful gift, so that not only the profits can be significantly improved and more conducive to branding. “Fulton Group, director of marketing Xi Lisha flying Yiwu, also brought the latest market analysis for U.S. gift industry associations. The report shows that since the September 11 attacks, Americans more and more attention to the emotional interaction between people, in the past only in major festivals and friends birthday gifts, but now just the same as Asians, promotion, moving, give birth to children all need gifts. Chen Haijiang said that the U.S. gift market is growing, for Yiwu, this is a rare opportunity.

Go out and stay down, to be familiar with Americans’ spending habits are compulsory

However, foreign markets and domestic markets are very different preferences, needs, many companies also had a wall to expand overseas market, such as Yiwu Yifan Commodity Co., Ltd., began to get involved in the field of foreign sales in 2005, the fist time to exhibitors in Frankfurt, Germany, bring the various types of products but not a foreigner to buy, from 2005 to 2007, three years, foreign trade has been in operating at a loss. Later, Zhu Yanjun found they have product positioning problems.
“In fact, do enough homework, these problems are avoidable, for example, Zhe Jiang Lvqing bamboo Technology Co., Ltd. charcoal towel on QueensCrossing mall, but Americans generally believe that towel size is too small, the company only widen the towel lengthened by several centimeters, the product is recognized by the U.S. market.” Fulton Group General Manager of China Xu Masakichi Yiwu said to business owners about the details determine success , a lot of Yiwu business owners were enlightened, and have invited him to the factory, take a look at the “American vision”.
“What kind of products are sale good in the U.S. market? Our SMEs have to have a good preparation before going out, do not get out, go around and went back.” It is understood that Yiwu Zhejiang Province is the third station of the “Green Card” program, the same as the first two stations, Shaoxing, Jiaxing, Yiwu there are many good quality products, but lacking in the specifications, packaging and other details. Xu Masakichi thought know American spending habits is an important breakthrough Yiwu small and medium enterprises to open the U.S. market.

Transportation market sentiment index released in February

February Chinese New Year opening, the Yiwu transportation market ushered in the first operating month of the Lunar Dragon, but by the Spring Festival of the impact of the transport market is still in a seasonal low season, the transport market sentiment index continued cyclical decline to 565.93 points,The chain fell 438.27 points, down 43.65 percent, but better than last year-earlier levels, rose 107.53 points, or 23.46%.
Transport freight index after preganglionic rising, this month started to adjust down to 113.50 points, down 2.14 points, or 1.85%; but still higher than the level a year earlier, rose 12.51 points, or 12.39 %.
Sentiment index is expected to decline next month out trough
Since the New Year opening, multi-sector the Commodity domestic foreign trade market orders, inventory, and old customers to fill back to a single sales under a single scale of less new sale mainly to the inquiry, look like the main, in addition to the Spring Festival in February shorten the time a normal business day of the holiday market, leading to reduced trading volume of commodity markets, and thus the transport market, cargo size is also reduced in the wake sentiment index fell. According to statistics, Jiangdong, Jiangbei two freight market in February, freight volume 191,820 tons, a decrease of 4.92%; international logistics center Shi Feng of 8728 TEUs, down 73.98 percent.


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