Transportation market sentiment index released in February

February Chinese New Year opening, the Yiwu transportation market ushered in the first operating month of the Lunar Dragon, but by the Spring Festival of the impact of the transport market is still in a seasonal low season, the transport market sentiment index continued cyclical decline to 565.93 points,The chain fell 438.27 points, down 43.65 percent, but better than last year-earlier levels, rose 107.53 points, or 23.46%.
Transport freight index after preganglionic rising, this month started to adjust down to 113.50 points, down 2.14 points, or 1.85%; but still higher than the level a year earlier, rose 12.51 points, or 12.39 %.
Sentiment index is expected to decline next month out trough
Since the New Year opening, multi-sector the Commodity domestic foreign trade market orders, inventory, and old customers to fill back to a single sales under a single scale of less new sale mainly to the inquiry, look like the main, in addition to the Spring Festival in February shorten the time a normal business day of the holiday market, leading to reduced trading volume of commodity markets, and thus the transport market, cargo size is also reduced in the wake sentiment index fell. According to statistics, Jiangdong, Jiangbei two freight market in February, freight volume 191,820 tons, a decrease of 4.92%; international logistics center Shi Feng of 8728 TEUs, down 73.98 percent.

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