Yiwu markets Guide – Huangyuan Market

Huangyuan Market

Yiwu Huangyuan market or Huangyuan Apparel Market is originated from the former Binwang market, it is a professional apparel market. The following table displayed the products sold on each floor.

Floor Industry
1F Pants
2F Men’s Clothing
3F Women’s Clothing
4F Sports Wear
Woollen Sweater
5F Children’s Wear
6F Parking lots
Dining Area
7F Regional Featured Products
8F Regional Featured Products

Huangyuan market is located at the cross of Huangyuan road and Chouzhou road (Middle), It is quite convenient to get here from International Trade City. It covered an area of 117 Mu, and 420,000 structure area in total,it was put in to use in April in 2011, and attracts visitors from around the country and world.

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