Yiwu Index

Yiwu Index

Yiwu China Commodity Index is also called Yiwu Index. It indicates the trends and fluctuations going on in the Yiwu market. . The system was developed and enforced by Ministry of Commerce in 2006. It is well-equipped with the latest technology and has world-class monitoring units for precise results. It shows price index, market boom index, and other important charts. The various indices are printed weekly and monthly. The data for these indices is available on the website of Ministry of Commerce and media in the country such as CCTV.

How This Index Works?

The data is calculated and published by a dedicated team of experts in the industry. Yiwu Index includes details such as daily price, number of visitors to stores, and orders received. After putting the details together, it is calculated, filtered and finally published.

Why Yiwu Index?

The data helps reflect price trends and analyze the market trends and situation. This gives a clear idea of the current financial situation of the market and serves as a tool to indicate any dysfunction or crisis. If required, government authorities can interfere to address the issues and provide guidance to the manufacturers and traders. Furthermore, it has surely helped China’s economy on large.

Recent Posts

New products and designs usher in market- Yiwu News | Yiwu Information and News

According to the China Yiwu Small Commodity Index 270 weeks Price Index, Yiwu index inventory of office yesterday, the current weekly price index of 104.08 points, fell.

  Summer approaching, the hair care category, bags, hair accessories and other industries venue popular, new accelerated OTC; affected by seasonal factors, the foreign trade of accessories category dull, steady increase in domestic demand, hardware tools, garden tools, foreign trade has been warmer ; novel, a large number of individual elements into traditional products, procurement of measurement tools, underwear, hygiene articles and other industries increased sales of heavy volume.

  And the last of the weekly price index for the current week price index showed a slight downward trend, dropping 104.08 points from 104.84 points in the previous period. Price index of export transactions, the trading floor order price index, the venue direct transaction price index to adjust down, online transaction price index unchanged from last week.

  Price index of the 15 categories, up 12 down. Three categories which, needle textiles, hardware and electrical materials, luggage ring up the biggest gain of 1.33 points; 12 categories of clothing apparel, crafts, clocks, glasses of different degrees fell the largest decrease of 1.46 points. 97 in two categories, the proportion rose to 24%, fell 38% and a flat 38%.

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