The worlds largest trading post… Yiwu, China

Great weekend for a change.  The weather was warm, sometimes sunny, little rain etc…   Friday I took the riders to the Buddhist temple which is on the other side of the Qaintang River,  then halfway up a distant mountain.   Actually the mountain’s base is in a ghetto so we drag our bikes halfway up the 500 stairs and chain them to a rail where the entire world can watch them.   I haven’t had my bike stolen there in my previous visits.   My monk friend was in meditation when I visited, but their were three elderly female caretakers there to greet us.   They poured us some tea and resumed making whatever crafts they were working on.   I showed Chen and Ray the various temple buildings and then we left.   It is a chore to climb all the steps but it gets easier as I get more used to climbing.

Afterwards we had a great lunch at the dirty road side restaurant which I previously described as the place where they rinse the greens on the same driveway where the baby shits

Crossing the river

Crossing the river

.   Yes,  this is true my friends.   I relish the greens here,  but they are always washed in some form of black water.   Maybe it adds to the flavor.   As long as it;s boiled….  I just eat it.   As usual the food and service was excellent and cost about a buck fifty for a 5 course meal.  The downside is the shit of course.   Then we jumped back on the bikes,  rode back to the 2 mile wide bridge, crossed over to the Xiasha side,  and headed to the riverside park in order to feel the sun and watch the myriad of beautiful kites.   We stocked up on beer, pineapple, and boiled peanuts for snackies.   We laid out on the river bank and just chillaxed for a couple hours.   First time I’ve been able to just “Chillaxe” in the park without having to keep moving.   Next time we will bring the guitars!

We left the park,  bought some pork stew al’ Filapino ingredients and all went back to my apartment to cook, bullshit,  and play the guitar.   Chen as usual played his three chords like a madman and soon picked them up flawlessly unlike any other guitar student that I have ever taught.   He just practiced the same boring drill for a few hours and done!   He internalized the three chords.   His rhythmn is horrible so I just have him do downstrokes in 4/4 time.   This way the upstroke and rhythmn doesnt confuse so much. Since then Chen has downloaded the 9 chords and lyrics to the John Denver song “Country Roads”,  and he just stopped in and I taught him how to play the chords and sing the song

Chen and Ray

Chen and Ray

.   Chen never ceases to amaze me.

After a fun night with Ray and Chen,  they gave me a Chinese name: “Chang Xiou Yao”,  which means “happy with traveling”   as they noticed that I am in a happy place while riding my bike.

Saturday:   I chilled at home until 3:30 then headed toward my Kiwi friends place nearby.  “Chris” and “Diane” are my occasional neighbors whom I’ve written about before.  Chris is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.  A great conversationalist.  Diane’s best friend was cool as can be.  She is a Kiwi,  but spent 20 years in Kawai and another 10 in Oregon,   her accent is not as strong as Diane’s is.   Both her and Diane are atheletes and love to run, bike, kayak ect…   They also seem to enjoy shopping!  (admittedly one of my weaknesses).

The four of us went to a fancy dinner at a restaurant called “Wu’s Brothers” and had a most spectacular time.  Kiwi’s are fairly normal people no matter who they are.   Wu’s was an excellent place and the company was nice.   Diane and Wyennis had much info on how I can export Chinese jewelry to the US and possibly make some money.   PM me for a picture of some spectacular samples of pearl, coral, turquiose and more

Handsome temple guard.

Handsome temple guard.

.   The pearls a the best bang for the buck.  I have a source for excellent pearls at prices a westerner would not believe.

The next day the four of us went to the great trading city known as ‘Yiwu”.    Yiwu has a jewelry wholesale market that defies imagination.   Pearls and stones as far as the eye can see.  We spent hours there,  looking over the stock,  discussing  prices. ect…   Yiwu is a wholesale market and wants to sell multiples of whatever it is you want.   they sell everything you can imagine.   Tools, clothes, toys, electronics, handbags, ect….  Yiwu will have a giant pavillion of nearly any product you want and will ship a container load to you with no problem.   Yiwu is where much of the worlds trade happens.

With jewelry I can just mail order it once I determine what will sell. I met many suppliers and have their cards and e-mails.   I can get some amazing things at low costs.   Being a man, knowing what women want to wear is a problem for me.   But with expert help, I managed to buy a few samples to pass on to my reps back the the US.  (both reps are new at this as well).   Who knows,  we might just strike it big.  If any of my friends back home want to get into the jewelry business,  just let me know

Diane and Wynnis

Diane and Wynnis

.  You can use the Avon lady approach to sell pearls and other oriental jewelry.

After walking miles around the markets in Yiwu we took a cab back to the Yiwu train station.  I totally got busted for having a few sharp stiletto knife in my front pocket.  The security lady with the metal detector found it and would not give it back.   She put the knife on the xray machine and I politely picked it up and tried to ask if I could put it in my back pack.  She got a little pissed and called her boss to come talk to me.  I motioned that I merely wanted to put the blade into my baggage,  he didn’t think it was the best idea,  but since hee was also dealing with some pissed off drunk, farmer bastard,  he just handed me the knife and told me to leave.   Haha..  China is much cooler about stuff like this then America would be.

More Hotels IN Yiwu

Hotels in Yiwu


The best hotels ranged from 2 star to 5 star in Yiwu City. Please check on the following hotels, and contact us which hotel you prefer. We can book it for you at lowest price based on agreements between our company and hotels. 

Warm reminder: All prices shown on our website are regular prices after discount. Hotels do not offer any discount during  China Yiwu International Commodity Fair ( 21th October – 25th October). Some hotels may use original room prices from 18th October. So please contact us for detail prices before booking.


5 stars  


  • Yiwu Kingdom Hotel
    The Yiwu Kingdom Hotel (Yiwu Jindu Jiudian) is located west of Citizen Square in downtown Yiwu and a 10-minute drive from Yiwu International Trade Center—the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market.
  • Hyde Jianguo Hotel Yiwu
    The Hyde Jianguo Hotel (Haide Jianguo Jiudian) is a comprehensive business hotel close to Haide Park, just a nine-minute drive from the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market—- Yiwu International Trade Center and a 25-minute drive from Hengdian World Studios—a film-making site.  Read more >>
  • Tianheng International Hotel
    The Tianheng International Hotel (Tianheng Guoji Dajiudian) is located in Beiyuan Industrial Park with Hangjinqu Freeway near at hand.   Read more >


4 stars  

  • Yiwu ssaw Hotel ( Huafeng )
    The Yi Wu Ssaw Hotel (Shimao Junting Huafeng Jiudian) is located in central Yiwu.  Read more>>
  • Yiwu ssaw Hotel ( Chengzhongcheng)
    The Yiwu Ssaw Hotel (Yiwu Shimao Junting Chengzhongcheng Jiudian) is located on the bustling West Chouzhou Road and offers guests convenient access to local transportation networks.  Read more >>
  • Yimei Plaza Hotel
    The Yimei Plaza Hotel is a top luxury business hotel in downtown Yiwu, near Xiuhu Square.  Read more >>
  • Best Western Premier Hotel
    Yiwu Fair-goer favorite for location, value, service and quality.
    The Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel (Yiwu Zuijia Xifang Haiyang Jiudian) is a four-star business hotel located close to Binwang bus station and Binwang Market, one of Yiwu’s primary trade centers.  Read more >>
  • Quintessence Kaixin Hotel 
    State-of-the-art conferences and recreation by Binwang Market.

    The Quintessence Kaixin Hotel (Yiwu Qiantang Kaixin Dajiudian) is a business hotel located in the city’s 21st Century Business Area within easy reach of the bus and train stations as well as Yiwu airport, which is approximately 15 minutes away
     by car. 
  • Yindu Hotel
    Pool, bowling alley in Yiwu biz district location
    Conveniently located in the city’s business district, the Yindu Hotel (Yindu Jiudian) features 222 rooms, ranging from standard rooms to deluxe suites.  Read more >>
  • Yihe Hotel
    The Yiwu Yihe Hotel (Yihe Dajiudian) is a modern business hotel located near the Binwang Bazaar. Elegant, comfortable standard rooms, executive rooms and apartments come in a variety of styles, totalling 289 in all.   Read more >
  • Yiwu Hotel
    The Yiwu Hotel (Yiwu Dajiudian) is conveniently located close to the railway station, about a 15-minute drive from the airport.  Read more >>
  • Bali Plaza Hotel Yiwu
    Located in the well-known China small commodity city-Yiwu, the Bali Plaza Hotel (Yiwu Balidao Guangchang Jiudian) is near People’s Square and puts guests within easy reach of many commercial, dining and entertainment areas.  Read more >>
  • Yiwu International Mansion
    The Yiwu International Mansion (Yiwu Guoji Dasha) is a business hotel located on Binwang Road, close to the Binwang Market.   Read more >>
  • Ramada Plaza Hotel
    Great Ramada value and modern amenities, downtown location.
    The Ramada Plaza Yiwu is affiliated with Ramada International, and is located in the heart of Yiwu. It is only 5 minutes from the bus terminal by car, and 10 minutes from China Commodity City.   Read more >>



3 stars  

  • Byland Star Hotel
    The Byland Star Hotel (Yiwu Bandao Xingji Jiudian) is a business hotel located in Yiwu’s commercial center, close to the International Trade Center and a five-minute drive from the Meihu Exhibition Center.   Read more >>
  • Yinlong Hotel
    Yinglong Hotel Near to Binwang Market, convenient communication.  Read more >>
  • Hiyat Hotel
    Hiyat near to Futian Market and Indian restaurant. Read more >>
  • Fortune Business Hotel
    Fortune Hotel Near to Futian Market.
  • Ejon Fashion Hotel
    Ejon Fashion is near to Night Market and the Foreign Street.  Read more >>
  • Ejon Intercontinental Hotel
    The Ejon Intercontinental Hotel (Yijia Zhouji Jiudian) is a business hotel close to Binwang Market—one of the three main markets of China Small Commodities City, offering guests easy access to a shopping and entertainment street.   Read more >>
  • Ejon Kins Hotel
    The Ejon Kins Hotel (Yijia Jinsui Jiudian) hosts various guestrooms outfitted with central air conditioning, satellite TVs, refrigerators, hair dryers, 24-hour hot shower and free broadband internet access.   Read more >>
  • Goumao Hotel
    Goumao Hotel near to Futian Market, elegant environment. Read more >>
  • Jinda Hotel
    Located in Yiwu, the Jin Da Hotel (Jinda Binguan) is conveniently close to Yiwu International Trade City, the Binwang Long-Distance Bus Station and a clothing market.  Read more >>
  • Yiwu Suofeite Hotel
    Yiwu Suofeite Hotel (Suofeite Jiudian) is located in the busy commercial district on Chouzhou Bei Lu, close to the largest International Commercial and Trade Center in Asia.  Read more >
  • America’s Best Inn & Suites
    The America’s Best Inn & Suites (Yiwu Zuijia Meizhou Yueting Guoji Jiudian) is located in the most bustling downtown city, where there are shopping centers, Xiuhu Park and People’s Square.  Read more >>
  • Diyuan Hotel
    Diyuan Hotel (Diyuan Jiudian) is a three-star business hotel located close to downtown near provincial Economic Development Zone and Beiyuan Industrial Park.  Read more >>
  • Bugetel Huadu Hotel
    The Budgetel Huadu Hotel (Pujite Huadu Jiudian) is a boutique business hotel located on West Gongren Road, within easy reach of the Binwang clothing market.   Read more >>
  • WHWH Business Hotel
    Facing Yiwu International Trade City (also called Futian Market)—the largest wholesale market complex in China, the WHWH Business Hotel (Wanhaowanjia Shangwu Jiudian—Yiwu Dian) is a comprehensive hotel just 10 kilometers from both the airport and railway station.  Read more >>
  • World Hotel
    The World Hotel (Weidun Jiudian) is a business hotel situated near Asia’s largest small commodity wholesale market, the Yiwu International Trade Center, about 10 kilometers from both Yiwu Airport and Yiwu Railway Station.  Read more >>
  • Snow Peak Hotel
    The Snow Peak Hotel (Yiwu Xuefeng Dajiudian) is a comprehensive hotel located close to the Yiwu International Trade City. It is 6 km away from the airport.   Read more >>
  • Yiwu Milan Holiday Hotel
    Yiwu Milan Holiday Hotel provides cozy rooms, western restaurant, and deluxe sauna. Read more >>
  • Yiwu Hongkong Hotel
    Yi Wu HongKong Hotel is a 4-star mordern hotel with ideal location for both leisure and business.  Read more >>
  • Yiwu Holiday Hotel
    Yiwu Holiday Hotel is located at the central politic area of Yiwu, close to Xiuhu Park, has easy access to the railway station and the airport. Read more >>


≤ 2 stars  

  • Fuheng Hotel
    The Fuheng Hotel (Fuheng Dajiudian) is situated close to Meihu Convention and Exhibition Center and just 20 kilometers from the airport.   Read more >>
  • Jianyang Hotel
    Located on Middle Jiangdong Road, the Jianyang Hotel (Jianyang Jiudian) is adjacent to Meihu Convention and Exhibition Center, just 10 kilometers from both the railway station and the airport.  Read more >>
  • Tiandu Hotel
    Located at the intersection of North Gongren Road and Chengbei Road, the Tiandu Hotel (Tiandu Dajiudian) is within easy reach of the Binwang Market and Yiwu International Trade City, the largest wholesale market complex in China.   Read more >>
  • Days Inn Yiwu China
    The Days Inn Yiwu China (Yiwu Daisi Jiudian) offers guests easy access to the Yiwu International Trade City, the largest wholesale market complex in China and also one of the most advanced wholesale markets in the world.   Read more >>
  • Jinjiang Inn ( Yiwu China )
    The Jinjiang Inn (Yiwu) (Jinjiangzhixing Yiwu Dian) is located on Binwang Road and adjacent to Binwang small commodities market.   Read more >>
  • Ky Hotel
  • Byland Hotel
    Situated in Yiwu’s commercial area, the Byland Hotel (Bandao Jiudian) is close to the Meihu Convention and Exhibition Center and Yiwu International Trade City-the largest wholesale market complex in China.  Read more >>
  • Weierdun Hotel
    Weierdun Hotel is about 50m to International Trading City. Read more >>
  • Motel168 Yiwu Chezhan Road
    Opposite the former Yiwu Railway Station, Close to coach station.  Read more >>
  • Hanting Inn Yiwu Binwang
    Established in October 7, 2007, the 7-storey hotel has 94 guestrooms and suites with standard room measuring 19 square meters.  Read more >>
  • Yiwu Wangfeng Business Hotel
    Located at Binjiang west road of Yiwu, the hotel is 5-min-drive to Xiaoshangpin city, 10-min-drive to Futian market, 15-min-drive to railway station and airport. Read more >>
  • Yiwu Golden Hotel
    The Golden Hotel is located the golden section of Yiwu, near to the busy commercial trading area.  Read more >>


Yiwu (simplified Chinese: 义乌; traditional Chinese: 義烏; pinyinYìwū) is a city of about 1.2 million people in central Zhejiang Province near the central eastern coast of the People’s Republic of China. The city is famous for its small commodity trade and vibrant free markets and is a regional tourist destination. Although administratively Yiwu is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Jinhua, it is more well-known than Jinhua nationally and internationally.



Yiwu was founded in the Qin dynasty, at or about 222 BC. Yiwu’s long history flourished as early as the Neolithic Age. Yiwu first became a county in 222BC and was renamed Yiwu County in the year 624 AD. In May 1988, the former Yiwu County was upgraded to a county-level city. In 1995, Yiwu ranked the 47th among China’s 100 most powerful counties/cities regarding comprehensive economic strength and in the same year listed as Zhejiang’s sole city among the nation’s experimental counties/cities of comprehensive reform. In 2001, the Yiwu overall economy ranked 19th of all counties (cities) of China.

Yiwu’s early culture has given birth to many great figures in the fields of literature, art, military, education, and engineering. Among these were Chen Wangdao, China’s first translator of the Communist ManifestoWu Han, historian and former deputy mayor of BeijingZhu Zhixi, the meritorious engineer in harnessing theYellow RiverZhu Danxi, one of the four distinguished doctors of the Jin and Yuan Dynasties ,and Zongze, a well-known general from the Song Dynasty who resisted aggression by the State of Jin, and as well as Wang Lee Hom, a very famous singer.


Yiwu is located 100 km south of the city of Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province. The nearest city to Yiwu is Dongyang. The area, as in most of the Province of Zhejiang, is in a mountainous region.


Yiwu is technically part of the greater Municipal region of Jinhua, although it has a distinct urban core. On China’s administrative strata it is a sub-prefecture level city. It has under its jurisdiction 15 towns and 8 villages, which covers 1102.8 square kilometers, 15 square kilometers of which are urban area of 650,000 people (2005 estimate). There has been talk of merging the Yiwu and Jinhua areas into a single municipal zone or economic entity, but this plan has yet to make its way into any formal discussion.[citation needed]


See also: Yiwu market

Yiwu is famous in China as a commodities center. The Yiwu market developed and managed by Zhejiang China Commodities City Group Co., Ltd. (Public, SHA:600415)[1]. Yiwu’s China Small-Commodity Market has for 6 consecutive years topped China’s 100 top open markets and was for successive years listed as “China’s civilized open market”. It has been named as the banner of China’s market economy and with a large variety of quality but cheaper commodities, the market has become a shopping paradise for tourists. It especially witnessed a rise in Arab traders who have been visiting the city since 9/11. Apparently, since many entrepreneurs from the Middle East found it more difficult to travel to America due to visa restrictions, they turned their attention to China. The Arab presence has fostered the rise mosques and Middle Eastern restaurants.

The GDP reached 52 billion yuan in 2009, an increase of 9% from 2008, and the per capita GDP reached 71,457 yuan (US$10,461). The per capita urban disposable income reached 30,841 yuan and rural pure income 12,899 yuan, increasing 7.4% and 8.5% respectively.

Its 4C-grade airport has opened over a dozen of air routes to such cities as BeijingGuangzhouShantouWeifang and Shenzhen. The ZhejiangJiangxi Railway and HangzhouJinhua Expressway pass through the city, making Yiwu an important local transportation hub. Express trains from Shanghai South Railway Station take less than three hours.

“Yiwu, 300 kilometers away from Shanghai, is the largest market of petty commodity wholesales in the world where various foreign buyers go to place orders.” Such a depiction comes from Chinese Figures Astonishing the World, a special report co-delivered by the United Nations,the World Bank and Morgan Stanley. In that special report, Yiwu is the only enlisted county economy. And in the choice of “the 2004 Most Favorite Chinese Cities of Domestic and Foreign Public in 2004”, Yiwu ranked the first among all county-level cities.

As documented by the author Tim Phillips[disambiguation needed ] … [t]he city of Yiwu … functions as a sort of ‘Wall Street’ for the counterfeiting industry, providing a vast marketplace where, Phillips states, 100,000 counterfeit products are openly traded and 2,000 metric tons of fakes change hands daily.
Eamonn Fingleton, 2008[2]

[edit]Cultural and social

Yiwu contains an Olympic quality stadium[citation needed]. Many events associated with trade take place in Yiwu City. Yiwu also has a sizable Chinese Muslim and Korean population, mostly working in the import and export businesses, as well as a very small Jewish population also in those businesses. It also has a large Christian Church. Yiwu is also known as the “sock town” as it produces over three billion pairs of socks for Wal-Mart, Pringles and Disney annually. Yiwu is also known as China’s number one producer of fashion jewelry.

The Guyue Bridge, a stone arch bridge built in 1213, is one the few existing bridges of that era.

[edit]Sister cities


[edit]International School

EtonHouse Yiwu International School

[edit]Senior High School

Yiwu High School


Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College

Hotels in Yiwu, Yiwu Hotel Map, Zhejiang resort rooms provided by China Hotels Reservation Center

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Yiwu, is a city located in the province of Zhejiang, in China, with a population of 2 million people. Yiwu Commodities Market is also known as “The biggest market in the World”, “The Ocean of Commodities”, and “The Paradise for Shoppers”. Yiwu market has been booming from 1982, year of its establishment. Today the market has an area of about 4 million sq m where they are operating more than 62,000 booths, and where are working over 210,000 employees. Every day the Yiwu Market sell about 1,700,000 commodities. Over 60% of commodities are exported to foreign countries. Every year they are attracted here 318,000 overseas businessmen from 209 countries. In Yiwu there are 3008 foreign agencies for export. Every year about 570,000 containers are shipped abroad. The weather in Yiwu is humid and mild, with a temperature annual average of about 17¡ãC. Located in Yunhuang Mountain of Tashan County, Yiwu has two famous viewpoints temple, Shuanglin Temple and Yuanhuang Temple, that fused together. Yiwu’s most important attractions are, the Xiuhu Park (constructed with the architectural styles of Qing and Ming dynasties) and The Luo Binwang Tomb. 



 YiMei Plaza Hotel, Yiwu   
YiMei Plaza Hotel, YiwuLocated in city center, 3km to railway station, 10km to airport; Surrounding landscape: Xiuhu Plaza – Yimei Plaza hotel is located in well-known abroad Chinese small commodity city -Zhejiang Yiwu province, subordinates the Yimei group. Is situated at the lively town center, adjoining embroiders the xiuhu square. The hotel floor space is 51000 square meters, ground high 28, underground 2. The hotel has many kinds of comfortable and warm guest room: Standard Twin Room, Single Room, Visual room, Executive room, Business suite, Deluxe suite and so on.

Description | Photos | Map | Location | All Rates |

Check-in: 2012-03-21 check-out: 2012-03-22
Rooms rate/night
Business Standard Room included Two breakfast 68.00 USD Book Now
Business Big Bed Room included Two breakfast 68.00 USD Book Now
 Best Western Premier Ocean hotel ,Yiwu   
Best Western Premier Ocean hotel ,YiwuDistance from the airport ( Km ):15kms Distance from the railway station ( Km ):15kms Distance from city center(Km):1 Surrounding landscape: Yiwu international trade city, Dongyang Hengdian film city corporation, Futian Market. – The hotel is enjoys geographical advantages and convenient transportation.

Description | Photos | Map | Location | All Rates |

Check-in: 2012-03-21 check-out: 2012-03-22
Rooms rate/night
Executive Twin Room included Two breakfast 115.00 USD Book Now
Executive Big Bed Room included Two breakfast 115.00 USD Book Now
 Yindu Hotel, Yiwu   
Yindu Hotel, YiwuLocated 5 minutes walking distance from the Railway Station. Situated 15 minutes by car to the Yiwu Airport. Distance from Binwang Stataion:1km Distance from International Commercial Center (Futian Commodity Center):2 km Distance from Binwang Commodity Center :0.5km – Located in the busy business center of Zhejiang China Commodity City.

Description | Photos | Map | Location | All Rates |

Check-in: 2012-03-21 check-out: 2012-03-22
Rooms rate/night
Business Big Bed Room no breakfast 71.00 USD Book Now
Business Twin Room no breakfast 71.00 USD Book Now
 Yiwu Kingdom Hotel   
Yiwu Kingdom Hoteltraffic: distance city center: 0km, from railway station: 5km, from airport: 20km Surrounding landscape: Xiu lake – It is 25minutes away from the train station, and 15 minutes away from the commodities markets

Description | Photos | Map | Location | All Rates |

Check-in: 2012-03-21 check-out: 2012-03-22
Rooms rate/night
Deluxe Twin Room included Two breakfast 95.00 USD Book Now
Deluxe Big Bed Room included Two breakfast 95.00 USD Book Now
 Yourworld International Conference Center,Yiwu   
Yourworld International Conference Center,YiwuLocated in the Mall Road and Ring Road junction, 10 minutes drive from the International Trade City,5 minutes drive from the railway station/airport and Hangjinqu expressway entrance . – Your World International Conference Centre both the bustling city of international business environment, and also located in Yiwu City where has the most beautiful areas of the natural environment, garden-style low-rise building planning and design, to create a pro-integration with the natural landscape and ecological holiday atmosphere, top meeting venue , first-class entertainment, dining, leisure facilities, It is the first choice for stating guest reception, administrative activities, high-end business, leisure and international conferences.

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Check-in: 2012-03-21 check-out: 2012-03-22
Rooms rate/night
Superior Twin Room included Two breakfast 108.00 USD Book Now
Deluxe Big Bed Room included Two breakfast 115.00 USD Book Now
 Ramada Plaza Yiwu Zhijiang Hotel   
Ramada Plaza Yiwu Zhijiang HotelThe hotel is only 15 minutes’ drive to the city center, airport and railway station; 5 minutes’ drive to the long-distance bus station, and 10 minutes’ drive to the commodity market of China. – Ramada Plaza Yiwu Zhijiang Hotel is a four-star hotel affiliated to the largest hotel group Wyndham Worldwide, and is the first hotel with the brand of Ramada in the central area of Zhejiang Province. The hotel is 19 floors in height and totally has more than 260 guest rooms. With its diverse restaurants, Japanese food, pubs, the well equipped health care, sauna and amusement center, it can meet the requirement of various people.

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Rooms rate/night
Business Big Bed Room included Two breakfast 71.00 USD Book Now
Deluxe Twin Room no breakfast 72.00 USD Book Now
 Yiwu Yihe Hotel   
Yiwu Yihe HotelThe hotel is located in the city center of Yiwu; To Yiwu International Commodity Centre just need 3 kms About 10 minutes to the airport; Only 5 minutes to the exhibition center. – Located in the city center of Yiwu. Broadband internet access is available in all rooms.

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Rooms rate/night
Standard Twin Room included Two breakfast 77.00 USD Book Now
Deluxe Twin Room included Two breakfast 84.00 USD Book Now
 Tian Heng International Hotel ,Yiwu   
Tian Heng International Hotel ,Yiwufrom Yiwu airport 10 minutes, distance to Yiwu new railway station and Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou highway is shortest beside the office building on Beiyuan street in Yiwu – Located in the ‘ First International Trading City in Asia’ -the Beiyuan Industrial Zone in Yiwu, the hotel is only 10 kilometers to Yiwu Airport and a few minutes to the railway station. It’ s the nearest hotel from the Airport, Train Station and the High Way.
Hotel In Special OfferGuests stay at the hotel can enjoy the following benefits:
1. guests use the room card to plus a breakfast can enjoy 30% discount;
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3. guests enjoy 15% dicount of sports and entertainment facilities;
4. guests use the room caard can free enjoy Sanua, swimming, fitness items(only for male guest).

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Rooms rate/night
Superior Big Bed Room included Two breakfast 74.00 USD Book Now
Superior Twin Room included Two breakfast 74.00 USD Book Now
 Yiwu Ssaw Hotel-City in city   
Yiwu Ssaw Hotel-City in cityTo the airport: 12km To Xiuhu Square: 1km To Yiwu Railway station: 12km – Yiwu Ssaw Hotel is located in the famous commercial city—Yiwu. This hotel is in the bustling downtown, with the coach bus station nearby. So this hotel is with convenient transportation.

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Rooms rate/night
Business Big Bed Room included Two breakfast 57.00 USD Book Now
Business Twin Room included Two breakfast 57.00 USD Book Now
 Bali Plaza Hotel Yiwu   
Bali Plaza Hotel YiwuTo Civil Aviation Airport and Railway Station: 20 minute-drive from the hotel. – Bali Plaza Hotel is located in well-known abroad Chinese small commodity city-Yi Wu of Zhejiang province. The hotel is in the middle of the city near by the city government, people square.

Description | Photos | Map | Location | All Rates |

Check-in: 2012-03-21 check-out: 2012-03-22
Rooms rate/night
Superior Big Bed Room included Two breakfast 69.00 USD Book Now
Deluxe Queen Size Room included Two breakfast 76.00 USD Book Now
 Yi Wu Ssaw Hotel – Huafeng   
Yi Wu Ssaw Hotel - HuafengYiwu Airport 7 km; Xiuhu Square 1.5 km; Yiwu Railway Station 8 km; International Trade City (Futian Market) 3 km; Municipal 1 km; New International Convention and Exhibition Center 3.5 km – YiWu SSAW Hotels-Huafeng is a kind of new styles of city chains hotels which is invested and administrated by ZheJiang Narada Hospitality Service CO.LTD. Located in No.2 Airport Road, Yiwu City, Zhengjiang. Located in the bustling downtown center location, it has conveniently situation.

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Check-in: 2012-03-21 check-out: 2012-03-22
Rooms rate/night
Business Big Bed Room included Two breakfast 57.00 USD Book Now
Business Twin Room included Two breakfast 57.00 USD Book Now
 Lantian Baiyun Conference Centre ,Yiwu   
Lantian Baiyun Conference Centre ,YiwuHotel is located in the Baiyun Cultural Center at Dongyang City with an advantageous location of the center of Jinhua Economy ” Golden Triangle” ! It is only 9 minutes’ driving from Yiwu Commodity Center and 10 minutes’ driving from Hengdian Movies and Television Center, 1.5 hours from Hangzhou, 2 hours from Qiandaohu Lake, 2 hours from Shanghai, 2 hours from Ningbo, 3 hours from Shaoxing, 3 hours from Wenzhou. – Shining Hotel is an ideal place for business, recreation and vacation because of its quiet and secluded landscape.

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Normal Standard Twin Room included Two breakfast 46.00 USD Book Now
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 Yiwu Hotel   
Yiwu HotelThe hotel has good transportation with the Bingwang Market to its east and the railway station to the west. It takes just 15-minutes by car to reach the Airport. – It is very convenient to reach the expo center.

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 Yiwu legend Hotel   
Yiwu legend HotelHotel is located in commercial center of Yiwu city, and adjacent to the International Trade City which known as “the world’s largest market”, 5 minutes’ driving from Yiwu International Exhibition Center. – Yiwu legend Hotel is managed by Omega hotel management company, it is a joint venture, with the features of culture theme Mansion Hotel. Hotel is a pioneer of Mansion Hotel in Yiwu. Hotel is located in commercial center of Yiwu city, and adjacent to the International Trade City which known as “the world’s largest market”, 5 minutes’ driving from Yiwu International Exhibition Center, with strategic geographic location.

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 Hyde Jianguo Hotel, Yiwu (Former Ramada Hyde Hotel)   
Hyde Jianguo Hotel, Yiwu (Former Ramada Hyde Hotel)The hotel is 25 minutes’ drive to Yiwu airport and railway station, it is a five minute walk from the World Trade Centre and a short ten minute commute by hotel shuttle to the Yiwu International Commodity Centre, drive 25 minutes’ to Hengdian. – Ramada Hyde Hotel covers an area of 61, 854 square meters and has 586 comfortable guest rooms, various kinds of conference rooms, and restaurants with delicious foods. The hotel is decorated with American style. Its good service and pleasant environment will surely make you feel ease and relaxed.

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 Yiwu Milan Holiday Hotel   
Yiwu Milan Holiday HotelDistance to airport: 8km Distance to railway station: 8km Distance to city center: 4km – Milan Holiday Hotel, Yiwu is a new business hotel with refined decoration only 3-5 minutes by car from Yiwu International Trade City.

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Standard Big Bed Room included Two breakfast 38.00 USD Book Now
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 Yiwu Suofeite Hotel   
Yiwu Suofeite HotelDistance from the airport: 20km Distance from Yiwu railway station: 20km Distance from the municipal government: 3km Surrounding environment: the international trade center, Futian Market, Binwang Market, Underground shopping center, the municipal government, Meihu exhibition center, etc – Yiwu Suofeite Hotel is located in the flourishing business area of Chouzhou Road. Adjacent to the largest international trade center in Asia, the hotel boasts an inclusively favouable location.

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Normal Single room B included One breakfast 41.00 USD Book Now
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 Diyuan Hotel, Yiwu   
Diyuan Hotel, YiwuDiyuan Hotel is neighboring with Yiwu downtowm, the provincial economy development zone and Beiyuan industrial zone. It is only 2 minutes’ drive to Yiwu Agriculture-Trade City, 10 minutes to the railway station, and 12 minutes to the airport. – Diyuan Hotel is a modern business and conference hotel built in accordance with 3-star standard. Characterized by convenient transportation and perfect location, it owns 120 guest rooms in various types and 500 dining seats.

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Deluxe Twin Room included Two breakfast 39.00 USD Book Now
Deluxe Big Bed Room included Two breakfast 39.00 USD Book Now
 Yiwu Jinda Hotel   
Yiwu Jinda HotelYiwu thick Chau No. 877 (In the opposite of International Trade City Gate 1 E1), close to the railway station, City Centre: 3 Km; Yiwu Railway Station: 12 Km; Airport: 12 Km; Ferry 3Km; – Yiwu Jinda Hotel is a foreign-based business travel hotel, whose guest rooms in accordance with national standards for the design of 3-star.It is located in North Road, Yiwu thick Chau No. 877 (In the opposite of International Trade City Gate 1 E1), , close to the railway station, the cultural market of Zhaozhai, subsidiary food of Binwang, clothing market, long-distance passenger transportation center of Binwang .

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Business Single Room A With computer included One breakfast 27.00 USD Book Now
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 Yiwu International Mansion    71
Yiwu International MansionAdjacent to Binwang Market and Bus terminal; To Yiwu International Trade City and International Confernce and Exhibition Center: 0.5km; To Airport: 15km, distance from Railway Station 18km. – On the basis of five stars standard to construct a synthetic and deluxe business hotel YiWu international Masion, Be managemented by Park hotels the international limited(hongkong).It’s adjecant to the Binwang Market and Bus Terminal, about 0.5km to the International Trade City and International Conference and Exhibition Center, about 15km to the Railway Station and the Airport.

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Yiwu’s daily floating population is above 200,000,boost the development of hotel industry.There are thousands of hotels distributing at the downtown.And among them there are 3 hotels under five-stars standard,9 hotels under four-stars standard and 11 hotels under three-stars standard.

Yiwu Tian heng hotel

Yiwu tian heng hotel
☆☆☆☆☆TianHeng Hotel is founded according to five-stars standard and furnished with the most advanced guest rooms

Yiwu Tian heng hotel

Yiwu Kingdom hotel
☆☆☆☆☆ The kingdom Hotel is located at west side of the prospuse Xiu Lake Square in the Yiwu China Commodities City

Yiwu Yindu hotel

Yiwu Yindu hotel
☆☆☆☆ 225 guest rooms are specically designed by hongkong famous designers.

Yimei Plaza hotel

Yimei Plaza hotel
☆☆☆☆Yimei Plaza hotel is located in well-known abroad Chinese small commodity city – Zhejiang Yiwu province,

Yiwu Kaixin Hotel

Storage Service
☆☆☆☆ QUINTESSENCE KAIXIN HOTEL is a standard four-star international business hotel, locates in Yiwu culture center,

Yiwu Xuefeng Hotel

Yiwu Xuefeng Hotel
☆☆☆☆Yiwu Xuefeng Hotel is a comprehensive business hotel to be built by Zhejiang Xuefeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd

Yiwu Yinlong hotel

Yiwu Yinlong hotel
☆☆☆Being a foreign-related hotel with three-star standard. The hotel owns 139 guest rooms, besides it is equipped

Yiwu Huafeng hotel

Yiwu Huafeng hotel
☆☆☆Huafeng hotel is located just in the downtown. It is Only 10 kilometers from railway station(just 15minites by taxi),

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Yiwu Railway Station 12 trains the Opening Time Changes

From Yiwu Railway Station yesterday morning, the reporter learned that in order to optimize the passenger train, according to the existing passenger train load factor, the Shanghai Railway Bureau adjust part of the passenger train from 00:00 on March 20th.
In these changed trains, adjust passenger train operation section. Nanjing south to West Jinhua D5661 adjust for Nanjing to Jinhua West, and through the Shanghai-Nanjing, Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed rail, Shanghai-Kunming bypass, Shanghai-Kunming line running; the original Jiangshan to Nanjing South D5692 running section adjust for Jiangshan to Nanjing and be diverted via Shanghai-Kunming, Shanghai-Kun bypass, Shanghai-Hangzhou, Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed rail operation.

The following trains are in Shanghai Bureau, from the originating station since March 19 began to adjust:
Yantai-Jinhua West K1181, Fuzhou to Nanjing West 2002; the Hangzhou-Jiangshan D5691, Shanghai Hongqiao to Yiwu D5653/D5654 since March 20, according to the new time to run; Nanjing to Jinhua West D5661, west Jinhua-Hefei D5678, Hefei-Jiangshan D5677, Jiangshan to Nanjing D5692 since March 20, run according to the new time.
Shanghai Hongqiao to Quzhou D5689/D5690, Shanghai Hongqiao to Jinhua West D5663/D5664 since March 20 operate according to the new schedules. Huaibei to Jiangshan K8371 run under the new timetable since March 21, K8372 since March 20, run under the new timetable.

The Yiwu Pilot Get Significant Industry Support

Recently, the State Council approved Zhejiang Yiwu Economic Development Zone was upgraded to national economic and technological development zone vigorously push forward the comprehensive reform of the international trade.
The State Council General Office said on it issued on March 2 this yeay to Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Commerce of the State Council r to upgrade to the reply of the National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhejiang Yiwu Economic Development Zone, after the upgrade,Yiwu Economic Development Zone named Yiwu Economic and Technological Development Zone,implement the policies of the current national economic and technological development zones. This will be the support major industry platform of city’s international trade comprehensive reform.
Yiwu Economic Development Zone was established in August 1992 approved by the provincial government in 1994 for the provincial economic development zone, adopted in 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission, the audit shall be maintained. In October 2009, approved by the provincial government, to be one of the 12 development zones integrate and improve  pilot across the province, integrated planning area of ??93 square kilometers.
After nearly 20 years of development, Yiwu Economic Development Zone work out  a road of  focusing on manufacturing Commodity, market and industry linkage, the secondary industry and tertiary industry integration, industrialization and urbanization promoted each other featured development, and fostered the clusters of arts and crafts, jewelry, knitting socks, zippers, and cultural goods industry, build a successful technological innovation service platform of the national post-doctoral workstations, the Virtual Institute, the technology industry gathering Park and Zhejiang University – Yiwu Incubation Center, electronic appliances, machinery manufacturing and other emerging industry booming. Existing high-tech enterprises, science and technology enterprises, enterprise information model 47, 35 city-level R & D centers, seven patent model enterprises at all levels; Chinese well-known trademarks and China Top Brand 16, National Inspection-free Product 6, Yiwu has become even the Zhejiang region’s most important industrial base and an important window of export-oriented economy.

Yiwu Fair and Travel Fair promote in Kunming

Yesterday, Yiwu city was held in Kunming, Yunnan Province, the 7th China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair, the 4th China International Tourism Commodities Fair promotion, invite the Kunming enterprises and businesses to entry into the Yiwu market, the exposition.

Kunming vice mayor Yang Bi Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Yao Hung, Yiwu Municipal Committee, the propaganda minister Ji Kim Bo, WANG Qing-chi, City People’s Congress Standing Committee, deputy director of the Municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman He Wenfei attended the seminar.

Kim Bo-quarter of Kunming as an important gateway of China’s southwest, is the bridgehead to Southeast Asia has a considerable advantage in the development of small commodity manufacturing and logistics industry with Yiwu economic and trade exchanges are frequent, the entrepreneurs and by merchants in Kunming and Yiwu has become an important force in the economic and social development of the two places. JI Kim Bo The seminar was held in Kunming, on the one hand, and learn from the valuable experience of Kunming, rapid and healthy development, the other is with Kunming unique geographical advantage and influence to further expand the Fair, International Tourism commodity Fair, an important exhibition in the Southwest and Southeast Asian countries.

Young Bi in his speech said that the 7th China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair, held the fourth China International Tourism Commodity Fair in Kunming promotion, will further promote exchanges and cooperation between Kunming and Yiwu, hope that the enterprises in Kunming home and business operators seize the opportunity to make full use of the Fair and Travel Fair held in Yiwu, the two major national exhibition platform, and write the two win-win and common development of a new chapter.

Provincial SME Bureau Choose 10 Yiwu enterprises to play the brand in the United States

In fact, Zhu Yanjun is a strong representation. Zhejiang is an exporting province, since the reform and opening up in 1978, the province’s average annual export growth rate in more than 30%, but can not be ignored is that export growth declined. Why this happens? Including Yiwu, Zhejiang small and medium enterprises, most of the OEM and own brand exports less than 10%, so the profit is low.” The Provincial SME Bureau Director Chen Haijiang thinks outward up to more than 65% of the Yiwu market, to continue to maintain the strong momentum of growth and fat profit margins, brand building is imminent.
Individual SMEs to expand their markets overseas is too costly, too difficult, it is best group attack, so this time we come to Yiwu, is to pick 10 business delegation to the United States to play the brand, and we have found a good ‘ground’, to help strangers in a strange U.S. market do research, product demonstrations, mail, call forwarding. “Chen Haijiang revealed that as early as 2010, the Zhejiang Provincial Government and the United States rich The Dayton Group, signed a framework to help SMEs to go overseas, specifically is in the the Flushing Queens Crossing mall, opened up the area as Zhejiang brand products (United States) promote base, but also provide services for Sino-US business services.

U.S. gift market is growing, Commodity another face to go out

This activity led by the Provincial SME Bureau is also known as “green card” program in Zhejiang Province. So, what kind of small and medium enterprises can participate in this program?
“We launched this program in order to expand exports, to help businesses control costs and risks, to expand their markets overseas, and enhance the team competitive, and ultimately to build Zhejiang collection brands, so that let “made in ‘Zhejia”’ stand out from the ‘Made in China’.” Chen highlight the brand value of “Zhejiang”, it is necessary to establish the typical, redraw the industry map, such as Shaoxing is the “tie city” show in front of the American, Yiwu is a “Gift city. ”
“The concept of gift is very broad, Yiwu, jewelry, crafts, towels, scarves and other, minor revision in the design and packaging, they can become a beautiful gift, so that not only the profits can be significantly improved and more conducive to branding. “Fulton Group, director of marketing Xi Lisha flying Yiwu, also brought the latest market analysis for U.S. gift industry associations. The report shows that since the September 11 attacks, Americans more and more attention to the emotional interaction between people, in the past only in major festivals and friends birthday gifts, but now just the same as Asians, promotion, moving, give birth to children all need gifts. Chen Haijiang said that the U.S. gift market is growing, for Yiwu, this is a rare opportunity.

Go out and stay down, to be familiar with Americans’ spending habits are compulsory

However, foreign markets and domestic markets are very different preferences, needs, many companies also had a wall to expand overseas market, such as Yiwu Yifan Commodity Co., Ltd., began to get involved in the field of foreign sales in 2005, the fist time to exhibitors in Frankfurt, Germany, bring the various types of products but not a foreigner to buy, from 2005 to 2007, three years, foreign trade has been in operating at a loss. Later, Zhu Yanjun found they have product positioning problems.
“In fact, do enough homework, these problems are avoidable, for example, Zhe Jiang Lvqing bamboo Technology Co., Ltd. charcoal towel on QueensCrossing mall, but Americans generally believe that towel size is too small, the company only widen the towel lengthened by several centimeters, the product is recognized by the U.S. market.” Fulton Group General Manager of China Xu Masakichi Yiwu said to business owners about the details determine success , a lot of Yiwu business owners were enlightened, and have invited him to the factory, take a look at the “American vision”.
“What kind of products are sale good in the U.S. market? Our SMEs have to have a good preparation before going out, do not get out, go around and went back.” It is understood that Yiwu Zhejiang Province is the third station of the “Green Card” program, the same as the first two stations, Shaoxing, Jiaxing, Yiwu there are many good quality products, but lacking in the specifications, packaging and other details. Xu Masakichi thought know American spending habits is an important breakthrough Yiwu small and medium enterprises to open the U.S. market.

Transportation market sentiment index released in February

February Chinese New Year opening, the Yiwu transportation market ushered in the first operating month of the Lunar Dragon, but by the Spring Festival of the impact of the transport market is still in a seasonal low season, the transport market sentiment index continued cyclical decline to 565.93 points,The chain fell 438.27 points, down 43.65 percent, but better than last year-earlier levels, rose 107.53 points, or 23.46%.
Transport freight index after preganglionic rising, this month started to adjust down to 113.50 points, down 2.14 points, or 1.85%; but still higher than the level a year earlier, rose 12.51 points, or 12.39 %.
Sentiment index is expected to decline next month out trough
Since the New Year opening, multi-sector the Commodity domestic foreign trade market orders, inventory, and old customers to fill back to a single sales under a single scale of less new sale mainly to the inquiry, look like the main, in addition to the Spring Festival in February shorten the time a normal business day of the holiday market, leading to reduced trading volume of commodity markets, and thus the transport market, cargo size is also reduced in the wake sentiment index fell. According to statistics, Jiangdong, Jiangbei two freight market in February, freight volume 191,820 tons, a decrease of 4.92%; international logistics center Shi Feng of 8728 TEUs, down 73.98 percent.

Yiwu Network Goods Fair Promotional Work is in Full Swing

2012 China Yiwu e-commerce and network Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as the “Yiwu network goods fair”) will be held in Yiwu International Expo Center from June 8 to 10, Yiwu network goods fair will be publicize and promote in full swing.
In order to expand the visibility of network goods in Yiwu, March 13 -15, the Committee of promotion department staff visited China Knitwear Trade Fair which was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The China Knitwear Trade Fair has been successfully held 94 sessions, with greater influence in the industry, we would like to take its influence to promote our network goods fair. ” Committee of promotion department staff said in Shanghai Knitwear Trade Fair, they distributed 5,000 copies of the invitations, tickets and other promotional materials, many from Ningbo, Shanghai and other places business have a great deal of interest in network goods in Yiwu.
It is understood that so far Jiangsu, Hunan, Shandong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other enterprises to enroll in Yiwu network goods fair. Contrast to the last show, this network goods fair registration region significantly expanded, star enterprises and famous brands will large emerging, specialized, market-oriented, brand, informatization “will be fully reflected.

Olympic Games and European Championships bring good news to the Yiwu market

Olympic Games and European Football Championships held this year in Europe, has brought good news to Yiwu market. A lot of foreign companies have procurement-related sporting goods.

In Yiwu International Trade City, many foreign investors are coming back to Yiwu, trade scene began to reproduce the busy and bustling past. Also have an unparalleled advantage in the sale of scarves fans around the world, flag, football, jersey, etc., in Yiwu, is a best choice in terms of the foreign.

As the 14th European Championship held in one of the countries Ukraine and Yiwu trade has been more frequent, export procedures and processes can be described as hundreds of times for the local businessmen.

However, to remind the dealer of Yiwu, football products export to Europe, under the premise has not been authorized, should try to avoid using the words of FIFA FIFA logo. General freight to Europe for between 10-20 days before and after May should be an export peak period, businesses can do stocking aspects of the preparation in advance.


Yiwu Economic Development Zone was upgraded to national

Recently, the State Council approved the consent of the Zhejiang Yiwu Economic Development Zone was upgraded to national economic and technological development zones. Vigorously push forward the comprehensive reform of the international trade the effectiveness of the Yiwu municipal government since last year.

Yiwu Economic Development Zone was established in August 1992, 1994, 8 period approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Government, the provincial economic development zones, adopted in 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission, the audit shall be maintained. In October 2009, approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Government, the 12 development zones across the province to integrate and improve one of the pilot units, integrated planning area of ??93 square kilometers.

After nearly 20 years of development, Yiwu Economic Development Zone, out of a manufacturing to the Commodity market and industry linkage, the secondary industry and tertiary industry, integration, industrialization and urbanization, promoted by the characteristics of the development of the road, and fostered the arts and crafts, jewelry,knitting socks, zippers, and cultural goods industry clusters, build a successful technological innovation service platform of the national post-doctoral workstations, the virtual Institute, the technology industry gathering Park and Zhejiang University – Yiwu Incubation Center, electronic appliances, machinery manufacturing and other emergingindustry booming. Existing high-tech enterprises, science and technology enterprises, enterprise information model, 47, 35 city-level R & D center, seven patent model enterprises at all levels; Chinese well-known trademarks, 16 China Top Brand, National Inspection-free Product 6, Yiwu has become even the Zhejiang region’s most important industrial base and an important window of export-oriented economy.

Yiwu import export

Yiwu import export
Maybe you are a businessman in your country who owns one or some stores. You are thinking about getting more profits, so you would like to purchase commodities in lower price and good quality. How about search Yiwu import export? You will have your plan.
Yiwu is not a big city, however, it is the whole of China even Asia’s largest distribution center for small commodities. It is always famous for its import & export, especially the export. Wholesalers and sellers all over the world come to purchase their commodities in Yiwu everyday. This small city is full of foreign businessman all the time. Yiwu international trade city should receive amount of customer everyday. If you are not familiar with this market, you should find a suitable Yiwu agent first, perhaps. You can also interviewthe website yachina,com , you may have all-sided information of Yiwu import export and also the best Yiwu agent.
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The Yiwu national exhibition shows in 2012 Year of the Dragon

March 9, China Commodity City Reporter learned from relevant units, this year’s first state-level large-scale exhibitions in Yiwu – the Fair will be opened on April 29, followed by a second state-level large-scale exhibition of China International Tourism Commodities Fair (Travel Fair) have been identified welcoming carried out in May 24.

So intense state-level arrangements for two large exhibition is of course a fancy to the enormous potential of this convention and exhibition in Yiwu City , from the reporters to get information, 2010, 2011, Yiwu show results far exceeded expectations; scheduled to standard booth has a basic beyond the turnover of repeatedly breaking records.

State Fair voices, crowds


Travel Fair in May 2012 was held in Zhejiang Yiwu International Expo Centre


In Yiwu travel Bo, the aircraft cruise casual look

Currently, the Fourth Brigade Fair has started preparations for the China Commodity City reporter learned from a sister unit, in order to speed up transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry to promote tourism economic development as the goal, by the China National Tourism Administration and the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government co-host the fourth China International Tourism Commodities Fair was held in Zhejiang Yiwu International Expo Centre from 24-27 May 2012.
China International Tourism Commodities Fair attaches great importance to China National Tourism Administration and the provinces, autonomous regions and strong government support, show the grade scale and effectiveness of the record of the national tourism industry exhibition of goods, more than 2,000 booths from 32 provinces across the country. municipalities and autonomous regions and 30 overseas countries and regions tourist commodity production exhibiting companies. First Tourist Commodities Fair realized a total turnover of 2.361 billion yuan, the foreign trade turnover accounted for 36.5%; participants audience of more than 10 million people, including 6280 foreign traders from Pakistan, Korea, India and other 80 countries and regions Online Expo click rate of 131 000 people. The success of the inaugural exhibition organized for industries and enterprises to build a good platform for Trade and Exhibition, has played a positive role in promoting the development of China’s tourism industry.
China International Tourism Commodities Fair to expand the tourism industry to promote the tourism product innovation, the promotion of national domestic demand growth “for exhibition purposes, highlighting trading and trend-setting, optimization services, to enhance the show international, specialized, market-oriented, brand level, to promote innovation and development of tourism commodities. National tourism goods display, large display of room for development, the prospects for the big show and tourism commodities transformation and upgrading of the platform to showcase a large platform, trading platform, creating the international influence of Chinese tourism commodities exhibition brand.



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To Yiwu life in the forest

Spring March 34 Arbor Day Ruqierzhi.

Low-carbon, green, livable life being the pursuit and longing. In 2007, the city raised the goal to create a national forest city. Created, the leadership of the municipal government set an example, the use of various carriers such as Arbor Day, to lead the cadres and the masses, is widely carried out in voluntary tree planting activity; at the same time, towns Street, the relevant departments, social organizations in order to point the way to carry out demonstration building. CPPCC forest, est forest, women forest dotted with green, forest towns, forest villages, green families rippling green posture, Ring ecological landscape forest green channel, green river verdant scene … urban and rural areas at an unprecedented intensity, speed and height, to carry out a vigorous afforestation activities.

February 2008, Yiwu was the Ministry of Construction named National Garden City, Garden City in 2010, passed review; the end of 2008, Yiwu successfully created the Forest City in Zhejiang Province this year, will usher in the creation of a national forest city assessment. The concept of ecology is the wealth, the city in efforts to achieve the benefit to the culture of greening, afforestation, by Green to increase income by leaps and bounds, and has begun to taste the return of ecological improvement.

Ground spring as early as the dawn of the season in the spring, another spring has long been portrayed more vitality green …


Fukuda Park

Drawing / Fang Wen-hong

City “green lung” vitality

Early spring, when you walk in Yiwu, Riverside, will see a large green screen; when you drive through the Avenue, you will see a tree strong stand; when you walk in the city corner, you will see all kinds of green garden, just like everywhere exquisite city bonsai …

Since the launching of the eco-Yiwu, Forest City building, the city’s urban quality has been greatly improved, the city dotted with parkland has become the public to enjoy the quiet, the best place to get close to nature. Last year, the city completed the city parks, road afforestation 7.6656 hectares, equivalent to adding a Xiuhu Square.

As city parks, roads, green supplement, 2009, the municipal government decided to implement a ring-ecological landscape forest construction projects, total project investment of $ 1.2 billion, plans to use five years’ time, the city surrounding mountains into broad, color transformation. Urban Forestry Administration staff, the extent of the Hangzhou -Jinhua-Quzhou, Ningbo -Jinhua Expressway into the city port of the three high-speed and the Ring Road, Ring Road, the Civil Aviation Road 23 ring road surrounding the mountain, with a total planned area of ​​7051 acres. At present, the area of ​​100 acres, 142 million investment in Ring Road, Nanshan Road, South Gate Street, triangular plot tenders have been completed; area of ​​940 acres, 10 million yuan investment is in full construction of the two tenders have been 50 of the project amount.

As of 2010, the city built area of ​​7800 hectares, 2762 hectares of green area, 35.4 of the ratio of green space, green cover an area of ​​3125 hectares, 40.1 of green coverage. “Equal to 10.2 square meters of public green area of ​​each of us.” Forestry officials said.

Vitality thrive to create a “cell”

In 2010, Yiting successfully created as provincial forests town; in 2011, the Houzhai successfully created a provincial forest town; 2012, the temple town to declare the creation of provincial forest town … building an important part of Forest City based on recent years, the construction of city forest towns, forests and villages to create work to add new vitality.

“Such as the construction of forest villages to take the provincial, city and county three-stop push forward.”, The person in charge of City Forestry Bureau Green made FORESTRY municipal government issued a special forest village building policy to create the forest villages in Yiwu, according to Engineering 60 of the increased investment will provide subsidies, the maximum subsidy to 400 yuan per capita, named for the forest villages in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, forest villages, were given $ 20,000, $ 100,000 award.

Support policies to effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the creation of the city’s villages. In 2011, the city’s newly created two forest villages in Zhejiang Province; two forest villages in Jinhua City, Jinhua City Green model village 25; Yiwu forest village 31. Town, the seat of government, the village green coverage reached 31.4, 31.7.

Forest “homes” happiness bloom

March 8, Dachen nine Scenic Area Wan spent Ridge project implementation plan was finalized. Implementation of the project, the since Truman village to a large farm village 15 kilometers along the sides of the road, more than 30 million trees planted flowers, nursery stock, types of as many as 70 kinds of integration with the surrounding landscape, the green lush trees, a variety of colorful flowers will become a very beautiful landscape.

In recent years, Mr Thomas Chan, vigorously implement the afforestation project, the town, 49 villages have implemented a green village project. Last year, 12 villages implemented greening enhancement projects, greening a total area of ​​300,000 square meters, green coverage rate of 80. The town vigorously guide forest construction, the existing town Kiwi base 800 acres, 1,200 acres of organic tea base, edible bamboo base of 200 acres, 1,000 acres of camphor base Nanzao base of 500 acres, 300 acres of Camellia base.

A microcosm of the enhancement of the Dachen ecological environment is the city’s Forest City construction. Economy has improved, and how to create happiness Yiwu, improve the quality of people’s lives? Accelerate the construction were advised livable travel eco Yiwu, so that the fruits of development to better benefit the people “to become the consensus of the city,” the 12th Five-Year Development.

Last year, the city start the “212” plain green action plan, proposed the implementation of the seven major construction projects, and strive to the city’s new plain forest area of ​​more than 20,000 mu in the “12th Five-Year” period, the new trees more than 1 million, the construction of Yiwu Forest village of 200 or more, the forest coverage of 20 or more.

After a year of hard work, according to statistics, completion of the plain afforestation, 3496 mu, of which 890 acres of urban green channel green 350 acres, the village green 350 acres, 1890 acres of forest, woodlots green.

A forest surrounded by the flowers Tuyan, verdant green eco-Yiwu, is making giant strides toward us. Happiness, from the move starting.


Figure: the afternoon of March 10, the Jinhua old leadership Yangshou Chun, Yiwu Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhao Guorong, etc., in Yiwu two planted the seeds of a 30 ginkgo tree “forest”.


Figure: urban greening, the benefit of every citizen.


Figure: Eco on the river


“312” becomes “365”

“Issued last year to the greening of towns Street task partially completed less than ideal.” In the interview, hear relevant departments of personnel so sorry to say. Forest City to create the assessment indicators, relevant departments should regularly to Towns thoroughly screened, scattered plots of the river, street, take full advantage of to increase the green area, However, due to a variety of objective reasons, some reserved for green space but was otherwise , green security line can not block the temptations.

The tree planting was a very good thing for afforestation, improving the environment, but some people take it as a fashion, with work to meet the form of a check, the concept of task re-planted light raise, thoughts and actions compromised, the result will afforestation become a “made zero.

Forest into the city a participation of the whole system works. March 12th is Arbor Day, Arbor Day is to plant trees, but tree planting is not for Arbor Day. Referendum to improve preserving green green consciousness, the “3.12” has become “365”, the Arbor Day into a tree-planting month, love tree years, everyone join them, to do an advocate of the creation of a national forest city, publicity participants and planners to form a government, society, people and the interaction “benign pattern, our homes will become more eco-friendly, civilized and beautiful.

Trees, two-wood forest. Forest embrace the city, the city to enjoy fresh, without you, I, he. Action, is the real part of the Forest City.

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