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Salary & Benefits of: Job ID = YW019

Job ID = YW019

Language School
Yiwu, Zhejiang

Monthly Salary:5,500 RMB
Students Age: Aged 3 – 12
Class Size: 6-15 students
Teaching Course:Childrens oral English
Teaching hours:25 hours per week
Office hours:none
Working Times: evenings & weekends (2 days rest)
Housing: Free private apartment
Airfare: 6,000 RMB upon completion
Benefits:> Z working visa
> 2 weeks paid holiday

Start Date:ASAP

Benefits with all of our jobs:

-All schools provide local airport / station pick up to suit you.
-All schools have English speaking co-ordinators to help you settle in.
-We are English and on hand to speak to at anytime.
-Z visas are always provided and we help with the application
-Contact with the school directly throughout the application process.
-We are completely FREE.


– Native speakers from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland & SA
– Aged 22-55
– Minimum of BA degree (in any subject)
– TEFL / TESOL preferred (not always essential)
– Willing to work in China for 6/12 months.

Please send at least a copy of your resume, degree and a recent photo to start the application process.

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Yiwu courier industry the top ten platforms force

March 9, the STO courier Liu, as usual, came to Yiwu Qingyan Liu received parcel, which is Liu third year doing this work. Three years, Liu’s work performance to a higher level a year – steadily higher, which makes young guy to feel more and more busy.

Rely on the Yiwu small commodity market, driven in recent years, Yiwu e-commerce industry, the rapid development, which also led to the rapid growth of the courier industry in Yiwu. According to incomplete statistics, such as Liu courier in Yiwu has more than 10,000 people.

According to City Express Logistics Association Secretary-General Xu Yan, China Express Association recently released the domestic express delivery services focus on the development of city directory, Yiwu has become one of the National Express larger volume of business in 15 cities. At present, Yiwu express the amount of logistics to enter the top 10 major cities nationwide.

Today, Yiwu this express logistics industry in the highlands, began to forward to higher goals.

Day shipments of 350,000 votes, super-majority of the capital city of

The rapid growth of the express industry in Yiwu the HNA daily express Yiwu, general manager of the Yuan Hai deep feelings.

Yuan Hai said to express the amount of regular “full position”, this four-year consecutive to move four times at home. Now, according to the company’s development, but also moving to expand the site to adapt to the situation.

Scenarios encountered in the Yuan Hai, presumably Yiwu express industry executives are experienced, a set of data can be verified one of the reason. Xu Yan told in recent years, Yiwu International Express is the rapid growth rate of 30% per year, domestic express average daily volume of 350,000 votes.

350 000 votes a day, means that this volume of business than the present, most capital cities should be higher than many, even bigger than of Liaoning Province express logistics.

Of course, Yiwu has become international, many courier companies competing to “nibble” meat and potatoes. Logistics Office statistics show that the scale courier company registered in Yiwu, 85, the world’s four express delivery giants and several well-known courier companies have settled in Yiwu.

The development of the express industry, experiencing growth of “trouble”

The rapid development of the Yiwu express industry certainly is not perfect, this in Qingyan Liu Chen Jiefeng Taobao business deeply felt.

Chenjie Feng said: “or some courier companies service can not keep up, sometimes express even the basic punctual reach, and some express said good morning to collect onto the afternoon, the courier’s concept of time is not strong I wish to express up and down in the quality of service and work hard! ”

Chen Jiefeng a language, has revealed the soft underbelly of the courier industry in Yiwu.

An express logistics business executives admitted that the past few years Yiwu express logistics industry has developed rapidly, but the quality of service varies greatly. In addition, many practitioners did not pass the express qualification examination. Due to intense competition, many express logistics companies had to compete on price, which is not conducive to the sustainable development of the express logistics industry in Yiwu.

Spotted a breakthrough, the “fast running” forward

Yiwu express industry has encountered a number of bottlenecks, it would form a concerted effort to enhance the industry’s “soft power”.

Xu Yan said, the express logistics industry association will actively play the role of the Association to guide the express logistics enterprises in Yiwu than price to the service, after all, in the service advantages of express delivery companies in Yiwu will have a broader development space.

Addition, Yiwu express industry associations will strengthen the industry self-regulation as the focus of this year’s work, the association in addition to industry mediation committee for the establishment of a third party, the next step, will also work with the Urban Consumer Protection Committee to jointly deal with consumer Yiwu Express logistics enterprises of consumer complaints.

Municipal Logistics Office department official said, then they will step up to the day-to-day management and policy guidance, increase the intensity of training employees of express logistics industry, and continuously improve the quality of service of employees and operational levels to promote the health of the Yiwu express logistics industry, sustainable development. At the same time, Yiwu will gradually increase the express logistics infrastructure construction and enhance the the Yiwu express logistics industry as a whole hard power. At present, the Yiwu domestic logistics center to carry out planning and design work. After the completion of the center, which will be dedicated to an express logistics functional area.